Some Horror plots to be developped

Herebelow are notes about some bits of ideas. Does someone on this list has got an inspiration for some convergent idea(s) that could turn one of these short notes into an actual scenario idea ? :-)

Psychiatrists and psychiatric hospitals

A new doctor is in charge of the local psychiatric hospital. Now, this institution shows excellent results, as most of the patients who where formerly said incurable are now healed, and returned to normal life outside the hospital. But are they the same ? Do they have the same brain than before ? Or is it some kind of electronical brain implanted by some creature of the Machine City ? Maybe the doctor himself is bio-mechanic and he is making other bio-mechanic men from the human wreck he has in his hospital.

Plot inspired from Cabal (by Clive Barker): A psychiatrist was curing a patient (a player's character). A crime was done. The player's character was charged with that crime, and that caused him to be secluded in a psychiatric hospital. His psychiatrist now tries to cure him inside the hospital. Together, they try to understand (using regressive hypnosis and other means) how (and why) the crime happened, that night. There is lots of unclear circumstances. The player's character gets the feeling that someone else is probably responsible for that crime, and later, he even feels that his psychiatrist is trying to convince him that he murdered the victim. What if the psychiatrist was the actual murderer? What if the psychiatrist just misguided his patient, misleading him in the opinion that he might have done the crime and letting him take the responsibilities for that crime? During a visit the players could explain what happens to his friends. The player's character friends will have to free him, now, against the law and against the psychiatric hospital security. This psychiatric hospital is probably a weird place which is not what it seems. That could be the beginning of a scenario.

Computers and Cyberspace

Inspired from Tales of Terror: A computer virus is slowly spreading. This virus is not harmful for the computer, it's harmful for the user of the computer. So, few people ever noticed its existence. It controls some video hardware (several kinds of virus exists for several kinds of hardware), and sends very efficient subliminal message to endoctinate the viewer. After some days or some week, the user exposed to this virus is controlled by these subliminal messages. An increasing number of people in contact with computers have been reported to behave in strange ways, that proved usually deadly for them or their neighborhood (usually both). No one can say who spread these viruses, or what are the intentions of its creator.

Sexual abuses and gruesome sex

A bad debtor

It's a (very Kultish) idea from Serge Brussolo, but I don't remember the title of the novel (maybe it's "La Meute"; meaning "The Pack").

A young woman, tenant of a small apartment, didn't pay her rent for almost 6 months. The owner said her that he will not call in the police, because it's not his style. He grasped the young woman, handcuffed her, and bound her on a water canalization inside a linen closet.

He raped her, and put 10 dollars in a money box (to begin to pay back her debts).

Once per day, he fed her with his left-overs from his meals. He made her a litter with old newspapers, that he was changing regularly. He washed her from time to time with a wet sponge, and left her in the dark, tied to her canalization.

From time to time, the door of the closet was opening, and there was a man, naked, who were raping her... And, some minutes after, the door was closing again, and there was only darkness.

She feared especially a man with his doberman, which looked at the dog raping the young woman, without a move. But the dog was brutal, vicious, with its teeth on the throat of the woman all the time.

Each time, the owner took some money from the man and put it in the money box. From time to time, he counted the sum inside the money box.

One day, maybe two or three months later, after uncounted rapes, the woman felt herself drugged and felt in a narcotic slumber. She awaked herself in a waste ground, naked in the bitter cold, weak and sick from several months of forced immobility.

Her debt was over...

The abduction

Player's characters are usually handsome young men and beautiful girls. What if a prince from the past (or a prince from Metropolis Baazar?) summoned them to his palace (thanks to a black magic ritual by an infernal ally of him). Guards put them in the harem of this bizzarre bisexual perverted prince with a lot of imagination. Escaping the "harem" is one thing. Trying to go back to the usual "reality" is another.

Madness and shattering reality

A burning secret

Inspired from Tales of Terror: The father (or a friend) of the player's character had a strange accident yesterday, so, the PC was called to visit him at the hospital, and hear of his father's story :

During the last night, he woke up because his house was on fire. The fire was raging and blocking all ways out, so he had to jump out of the window, from the 4th floor. He broke an ankle and passed out. The problem is: the house is intact, there never had any fire there, the whole thing was an hallucination.

This day, the father of the PC goes out of the hospital [with his leg set in plaster]. The next night, the father of the PC jumps again out of the window because the fire rages once again in every room of his house, and he is fainting again. The next day, the hospital keeps him under psychiatric observation, and give him a lots of pain-killer and neuroleptics, putting him to sleep. This night, the father of the PC will burn in the fire of his bed. When everything is over, the room looks like if the corpse ignited spontaneously, and was the cause for the fire of the bed. If the PC makes some investigations in his father's house, he will learn that his father was the member of a new anti-sect association: he was investigating a sect called "the Purifying Fire" (or the Cold Flame, or whatever you want). Finding strange artefacts belonging to the sect, he feels something weird happening between him and the artefact. The next night, the player's characters will awake because of a fire in his room...

Unnatural loneliness

Sometimes, at work, there seems to be nobody else in the whole factory. Every people seems to have gone elsewhere, to an unknown placw (or they seem to have disappeared out of thin air), and it's totally impossible to find them. Last day, I noticed that clocks don't work, during that time. When that is happening, I'm alone in a big deserted factory resounding from the noise of the machines. That usually stops after five or ten minutes. So, it might have happened a lot of times before I actually realized what was happening. After 5 or ten minutes, all becomes suddenly unnaturally silent, and people begin to come back from various places, as if nothing ever happened. When I tell them about this, they think I'm joking, so I stopped to tell them such things.

Ghosts and undeads

The players are in a car, driving fast. Suddenly a man steps out from nowhere and cross the road just in front of their vehicle. There is no way to avoid him, nothing they can do. The car should slam into the man, except that nothing happens. The driver needs a drive check to stay on the road. The man is nowhere to be seen. Some kilometers after that, when the driver looks back in his rear-view mirror, he is seeing the very same man who vanished some minutes ago. The man is in bad shape, like if he was hurt by a car, dripping blood by his open wounds. He is sitting in the rear of the car. If the driver turns the head to look at the man, there is nobody there (or possibly there is another PC who always was there and who didn't notice anything). Another drive check can be made: the driver will need all his self-control to keep the car on the road while being so surprised.

Religion, Cults

Satanist Rockers with very blasphemous lyrics come into town. They have a great success, and generate a lot of exitation. This ends in a riot during their concerts, where several people got killed. A preacher speaks on local TV against those satanists, and for christian values. Some developments: The rockers are normal people, they just have problems with security in their concert. The dangerous people is the preacher, member of an integrist evangelic group of pseudo-christians, and chief of the para-military wing of that group. They are trying to get down "Satan and his ways", killing and otherwise eliminating people and creatures who don't conform to the precepts of his Church. He does not acknowledge the existence of Lictors and Metropolis creatures, but he sees Demons everywhere, and has some supernatural powers derived from his madness...